Frequently asked questions



  • The Etiquette Group Payroll is monthly, with payment on the 5th of every month, unless it falls on a weekend, in which case it will be the Friday prior to the weekend. You’ll be paid for all shifts you worked up to and including the last day of the month

  • The best way to sign up with us is via our app. This can be found in the App Store by searching ‘The Etiquette Group’. Alternatively you can apply through the website by clicking the Apply button in the top right corner.

  • Absolutely! Get them to sign up too. We try our very best to put groups of friends together in areas where we can. We pride ourselves in having a fantastic group of people that are part of The Etiquette Group and you will quickly form a great bond with everyone you work with and no doubt make many new friends along the way!

  • Super Flexible! You pick and apply for the dates you want to work through the ETQ App. All we ask is that you commit to working once confirmed.

  • Not all events pay travel expenses, but a lot do. This will be highlighted in the event description when you apply on the ETQ App.

  • This is outlined in the brief e-mail you receive before each shift. Generally it will be Smart Black Shoes, Black Socks, Smart Black Trousers and a Smart White Collared Shirt. Everything else you need is generally provided at the venue.

  • If you work over 6 hours, you will be entitled to a break and food will be provided. Generally if you are working over lunch or dinner you are provided with a meal.

  • Not at all. It is great if you do, but we will get you up to speed with everything you need to know for each shift. Most events and venues we work with will provide training on the first shift also.

  • You will be sent a brief e-mail prior to each shift. This can also be viewed against your shift in the ETQ App

  • Yes, We have shifts available every week with more added all the time.

  • There is no standard rate, however the minimum you will ever receive for a shift will be £10/hour. It is often higher than this.

  • You will receive at least a 20 minute break for every 6 hours you work, although most venues we work with will allow longer.

  • We provide both Front of House Staff and Hit Squad. If you are working Front of House you are either typically plate waiting tables in a restaurant or serving drink behind a bar.
    The Hit Squad is the Etiquette Group's unique team of multi-talented superstars. Members of our hit squad work across multiple venues often providing support to our client's staffing and operational teams. They are the swiss army knife of workers who can thrive and help out in any situation they are put in.